The creators of Mortal Kombat 11 and LEGO Star Wars are not for sale, confirms WB Games

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Neither NetherReal Studios nor TT Games are for sale. At least that has been assured by WB Games in a statement sent to The Gamer. It all started with some rumors originating from Windows Central, a medium that has echoed internal documents that supposedly pointed in that direction. However, the Americans have categorically denied it and they have said that both the parents of Mortal Kombat and those of the LEGO saga will continue to be linked to this company.

“I can confirm that NetherReal Studios and TT Games will continue to be part of Warner Bros. Games. All of them are included in the Warner Media Discovery merger agreement ”, they point out. The future of the different video game sagas that belong to Warner Bros. Interactive Games is uncertain, since the division will be split in two, with one part under the AT&T umbrella and another under Warner Media Discovery.

Warner Bros. Games currently has 11 own studies, These are: Avalanche Studios (Hogwarts Legacy), NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat 11), TT Games (LEGO games), Monolith Productions (Middle-earth: Shadow of War), Turbine, Inc. / WB Games Boston (Game of Thrones: Conquest), Rocksteady Studios (Batman Arkham, Suicide Squad), WB Games. Montreal (Gotham Knights), WB Games New York, WB Games Monreal San Diego and WB Games San Francisco.

Warner Bros sells Playdemic to EA

Electronic Arts and Warner Bros recently announced an agreement to acquire Playdemic by EA. This studio focused on video games for mobile devices is behind a very successful project on iOS and Android devices, Golf Clash. “While we have great respect for the Playdemic team, our decision to divest is part of our overall strategy to create games based on Warner Bros sagas,” said David Haddad of Warner. This suggests that the future strategy will be aimed at taking advantage of the intellectual properties of the company.

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Among the most anticipated future games are Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights y Suicide Squad, all of them planned for 2022.

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