The creators of Stanley Parable and Gone Home team up to launch a new game with the composer of Minecraft and Annapurna

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During the Annapurna Interactive presentation it was announced that Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide creator Davey Wreden to team up with Gone Home and Tacoma co-creator Karla Zimonja and Minecraft composer Daniel ‘C418’ Rosenfeld to launch a new video game yet to be announced.. Yes, the name of this union has been confirmed, which will sign this new work as Ivy Road.

Wreden and Zimonja appeared at the event in a plant-filled room, sipping from a fancy tea set and joking about whatever they are working on. They did not offer any concrete detailsExcept featuring Rosenfeld as the game’s composer and Annapurna as the editor. It is not clear if the tea was a hint or just a very cozy setting, or a joke about the style of games they usually create.

Gone Home

The four previous creations of the founders of Ivy Road are, of course, some of the best examples in the field of independent video games in recent years: The Beginner’s Guide and The Stanley Parable constantly play with the player and their role within video games. Tacoma allowed us to glimpse a fascinating future with well-written characters, while Gone Home was one of the best stories told in a video game that are told through the interaction of the player on their stage.

And there is also the work of C418, which includes all original Minecraft soundtrack. Who hasn’t listened to his soothing melodies while building with blocks in the game? So whatever Ivy Road is putting together, its creator base is beyond exciting.

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No further information has been provided on when we will know more details about this new video game, which does not yet have an official title.

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