The creepy Taiwanese Netflix series flattered by critics that may remind you of The Squid Game

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The Squid Game reached the streaming service Netflix on September 17 and from there began a journey that its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk could never have imagined. According to official figures, became the most successful premiere of all time on the platform, garnering 142 million views in its first 30 days and recently it became known that it was the most googled program of the year.

Its plot shows us a group of people who have various financial problems in common and are invited to a game that gives a millionaire sum of money to its winner. However, things suddenly change when the test losers are killed and the participants start to go through some really ghoulish situations. Something similar content was launched last year and here we bring it to you.

+ The dark series that will remind you of The Squid Game

On April 30, 2020, streaming premiered the series in its library The Victims Game, a dark thriller written by Liang Shu-ting and Hsu Ruei-liang that has won the clamor of critics and the public at the time, despite not having had the public recognition of The Squid Game. Important media like Decider, Ready Steady Cut Y Heaven of Horror gave it high marks and agreed that reminds series like CSI and Dexter, so entertainment is assured.

What is it about? Follow Fang Yi-Jen, a forensic investigator with Asperger syndrome who detects crucial evidence in a murder mystery and discovers that it is led to his daughter, with whom he has little contact. To unravel the truth without arousing suspicion from his fellow police officers, he ventures to use his forensic knowledge to mislead his irritable partner, who is also working on the case. At the same time, you decide to investigate a journalist who has important leads on the matter. In the end, the protagonist realizes that the key to finding out the truth is not his knowledge, but the feelings and emotions he has been repressing.

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Its first season features eight episodes of a little over an hour each, so it is ideal to enjoy it in a full weekend. Also, if you love, we have good news for you, since Noting its success both in Taiwan and internationally, it was decided to renew it for a second season, which is known to coming to Netflix in 2022.

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