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The Crooked Man Trailer Unveils Jack Kesy's Demonic Hero

The Crooked Man Trailer Unveils Jack Kesy’s Demonic Hero

Ron Perlman’s “Hellboy” and its sequel, “Hellboy: The Golden Army,” are renowned for their Guillermo del Toro magic, filled with fantasy aesthetics and captivating visuals. The 2019 reboot, which replaced Perlman with David Harbour and del Toro with horror director Neil Marshall, failed to capture the same magic, even though it featured grand action scenes. The differences become starkly clear when you look at the recently released trailer for “Hellboy: The Crooked Man.”

The trailer doesn’t aim for bombastic action sequences but instead focuses on creating an eerie atmosphere in the misty Appalachia. It hints at witchcraft, showcases a creepy snake, and builds a sense of imminent danger without giving too much away. The characters discuss looming threats and a mysterious old boogeyman, whose unsettling laughter punctuates the trailer’s closing moments. Hellboy himself is depicted in a more subdued manner, both in design and demeanor, a throwback to Perlman’s era while still offering something new.

This subtler approach could be what Hellboy’s story needs to recover from the 2019 film’s missteps. Whether the film can truly restore Hellboy’s reputation remains uncertain, but the trailer makes it clear that “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” is not afraid to take creative risks.

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