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The Crown 5 is in danger: Imelda Staunton would be terrified by her role as Queen Elizabeth II

Putting the story of Queen Elizabeth II on screen is just one challenge that Peter Morgan dared to undertake. With the creation of The Crown, the director told each and every detail of the story of the oldest woman on a European throne. It has been 68 years since she was crowned the Queen of England so her experiences and her secrets are too many.

So much so that Peter Morgan is in the middle of filming season five of The Crown. After four super successful editions on Netflix, now it returns in order to delve into the 90s ending in the 2000s with Princes William and Harry as protagonists. And, despite the fact that there is still no official release date, it is already evident that extremely controversial chapters are coming.

On this occasion, the furor over the first appearance of Lady Di in the royal family is already in the past, but now the consequences of her life as an aristocrat arrive. That is why the years that will be seen in the new season of The Crown Not only are they closer to reality, but they also tell the worst moments of the British monarchy.

Imelda Staunton characterized as Isabel II. Photo: (Netflix)

However, other than this shaking the foundations of Buckingham Palace, this is not the big problem for the production. Is that, now everything indicates that Imelda Staunton would be sorry to be the replacement for Olivia Colman in the role of Queen Elizabeth II And not only because its predecessor set the bar very high, but because it could generate some problems in your daily life.

According to what transpired, although Staunton is happy to be part of the new cast of The Crown he is also very afraid. Apparently, the fact of playing the most current version of the Queen generates fear in the actress since more details about her are now known.

Although, the worst mistake for Imelda, according to sources close to her, would be to do something that Isabel II did not do and for the public to realize it. Even so, it should be noted that whatever the vision that is given to the monarch, those years that fiction will capture were the worst and her image was not very well seen, so the interpreter would not be doing anything other than telling the truth.

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