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The Crown and Netflix change plans over an objection from Lady Di’s brother

Despite the fact that she died 24 years ago, Lady Di is still one of the most influential women in the world. Therefore, the fifth season of The Crown It is the most anticipated by fans, but at the same time the most feared by the British royal family. Once again Peter Morgan shakes the foundations of Buckingham Palace as he will tell the most controversial moments in the life of “the princess of the people”.

As has happened since its premiere in 2016, The Crown It will follow a chronological order so it will now focus on the time of the 90s until the beginning of the new millennium. So much so that the separation of Lady Di and Prince Charles, the revenge interview and the subsequent death of the Princess will be an important part of the plot. Therefore, in order to tell the facts as they happened, Peter Morgan tried to get closer to Diana’s most intimate environment.

For several months Jemima Khan, who was considered the best friend of the Princess of Wales, was Morgan’s adviser and told all about the relationship between the late mother of Princes William and Harry with Hasnat Khan. This bond between her and the Dr. occurred just in the decade that will be related in the fifth season. However, Jemima’s help with the production ended earlier than expected as she decided to withdraw because she was not satisfied with how certain events were recounted.

That is, the fifth edition of The Crown suffered a great loss at the production level. In any case, this is not the only obstacle Netflix faces, but a few months ago it was known that Lady Di’s brother also refused to collaborate. Charles Spencer, the Earl of Spencer, did not allow Peter Morgan and his team to record on the family property at Althorp House where, according to the story, Diana met Charles of Wales.

In addition, it should also be noted that this castle is already a national heritage because it is where, supposedly, the remains of the Princess rest and her children, William and Harry, paid tribute to her on her 60th birthday. Therefore, for the production it was of utmost importance to get this space, but the current owner of the property refused and it was only this Monday, in an interview broadcast by the BBC, when he explained the reasons.

They requested it. They wanted to record here, but I don’t do this kind of thing. I honestly don’t see The Crown for what i said thanks but no“Were his exact words. And the reason for this denial is because a year ago the Count explained that he had the objective of defending the memory of his late sister:”I have to have a role to honor his memory”, He said at the time. Undoubtedly, a setback that should have modified the team’s plans although, obviously, it did not stop them.

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