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The Crown caused one of its actresses to collapse

If there is one person who really dared to defy the rules of Queen Elizabeth II, it is Peter Morgan. The director created the famous series four years ago The Crown, where he tells the worst misadventures of the Windsors and leaves more than one badly off, such as Prince Philip and his first-born, Charles of Wales.

In fact, on more than one occasion, despite the fact that they refused to see the content it relates The Crown, His Majesty and Felipe de Edimburgo, admitted their discomfort at how the facts are told in this Netflix production that, for now, seems more fiction than reality. So much so that, in search of respect, Elizabeth II and her husband tried to pressure Morgan to admit that his creation is not based on real events.

However, defying once again the highest authority in England, Peter Morgan ignored all of Buckingham’s requests and The Crown it became the Palace’s biggest headache. Even so, the only ones who suffered media pressure because of this series were not the English monarchs.

It is that, recently, one of the interpreters of a member of the Royal family confessed all the discomfort that this series generated in her life. Is about Erin Doherty, who gave life to Princess Anne, the only daughter of the Queen and her consort, during the third and fourth seasons of this blockbuster.

In his words, the Princess is, today, one of the most respected figures in the Royal family and, therefore, her pressure was even greater. In fact, Doherty admitted that before the series he tried to hide from the media, but once his participation in The Crown it was impossible for him to evade them. Moreover, the persecution he suffered was such that he admitted: “i had a minor meltdown but the first year i didn’t have to do anything so i got away with it”.

Erin Doherty characterized as Princess Anne. Photo: (IMDB)

However, for the next two seasons of this idea by Peter Morgan, Erin will not be present as, as usual, the series will change its cast again. Although it has not yet been confirmed who will make the greatest Princess Anne, the new interpreters for Prince Philip, Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles have already been revealed.


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