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The Crown Disobeys Prince William: Could Season 5 Be Canceled?

Since it was known that it was renewed for the fifth and sixth seasons, The Crown It does not stop attracting attention, especially since the filming of what will be the most controversial part is about to begin. Edition number five will capture from the 90s to the 2000s, including the fateful “annus horribilis” of 92, the controversial divorce of the Princes of Wales and the subsequent and traumatic death of Princess Diana.

It was recently known that, in addition to already having the new Philip of Edinburgh, the new Lady Diana and the new Camila Parker Bowles, they also added who will be the English Prime Minister, John Major, who will be played by Jonny Lee Miller. In addition, there is also the fact that each day they get closer to who could be the ideal interpreter of Prince Harry.

However, The Crown ran into a new problem: Prince William explicitly requested that the interview of his mother, Lady Diana, to the BBC in 95 not be included in any kind of account of his family. That is, the Peter Morgan series would be obliged to ignore this moment in the history of the royal family since, according to what the duke said, all productions that refuse this mandate could be canceled.

However, as we have been used to since 2016, Morgan decided to ignore Buckingham’s requests. Is that, in this new season of The Crown, where his story will coincide exactly with the year of “the interview of the century”, he decided not to leave it out and give visibility to what the princess of the town thought at that time. Still, it won’t be in the way many imagine, but it could be done in order to help the royals.

From what The Telegraph reported, which was in contact with a source close to the Netflix production company, Morgan will include this interview in two chapters in which he will show how the journalist, Martín Bashir, deceives Diana of Wales to get his words. In fact, this same person also revealed that the creator has already finished writing the fifth season, so “the scripts are already available” and the scenes from that moment would be immovable.

Everything has been written. Peter works very closely with the historical research team who spent weeks poring over things from Panorama”Said the relative. “That was a year ago, the team was doing the most incredible investigation and they have it all there: the preparation of the interview, how Bashir cheated on Diana, the interview itself and the consequences of it.”, He added.

Prince William with his mother, Lady Di. Photo: (Vanity Fair)

That is, the new season of The Crown what, According to the calendar, it could only arrive in 2022, it could be canceled. Although they will show, exactly, Bashir’s guilt in cheating the Princess, Prince William made it very clear that he does not want to see his mother in that situation again and, therefore, could take action on it. Although, it should be noted, that Morgan will not completely disobey, but will show the evil that Bashir did.

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