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The Crown got away with it and disobeyed Prince Harry’s request

The fifth season of The Crown It has not yet started filming, much less has a release date to reach Netflix, but it is already causing a lot of headaches. Since the series, based entirely on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, was added to the platform’s catalog, the foundations of Buckingham Palace have shaken like never before and, now, of course I was not going to make an exception since the members of the monarchy continue to complain.

The first to show his fury with The Crown It was Felipe of Edinburgh, who before he died made it clear what his opinion is about the Peter Morgan series, followed by him it was Prince Charles who spoke out against the strip. And, just a few weeks ago, the one who issued a decree that, although not dedicated to fiction itself, could be safely applied, was Prince William.

By reading a statement, the Duke of Cambridge assured that no film, series or documentary is allowed to replay his mother’s interview with the BBC in 95 since it was obtained “under fear and lies”, According to assured. But now, who expressed himself, too dissatisfied with the most expensive series of Netflix is ​​Prince Harry.

Although, at some point, the youngest son of Lady Di and Prince Charles claimed to be a fan of the series and, in fact, declared to watch it, now he showed his concern for what is to come. From what Angela Levin, royal biographer, told the Daily Mail, when she interviewed Meghan Markle’s husband, he notified her of his intention that The Crown do not shape your life.

You’re watching The Crown?“Asked the expert in the first instance to which she soon added:”And the royal family?”. And, the response of the Duke of Sussex was already known: “yeah we’re all seeing absolutely everything”. Although, what Levin did not expect were the words that came later: I will insist that it stop before it reaches meHarry said.

Prince Harry doesn’t want to see himself at The Crown. Photo: (Getty)

But, his insistence evidently did not work. Is that, despite the fact that the Prince is resistant to his life being captured on the small screen, especially in a series of great magnitude like this, Morgan and his entire team did not pay attention and, season five will cover not only his childhood, but his adolescence, the loss of his mother and his later adult life. Something that, depending on how it is told, could put both him and his older brother, William, in a bad image before his people.

Princes Harry and William.  Photo: (Getty)

Princes Harry and William. Photo: (Getty)

However, the one who would be most affected this time would be Harry himself. This is because, since he left the Royal House leaving his royal duties aside, the English people have already shown their anger against the Duke of Sussex and, now, the episodes of the series could end up ruining his image.

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