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The Crown has competition on Netflix

For some time now, The Crown became one of the most controversial period series worldwide. It is that, many were positioned in favor of the monarchy and against the series because of the image that it captured of the Windsors and, others, fully supported the Netflix overproduction, which came to put in check the foundations of the Palace of Buckingham and even made the English people doubt their monarchs again.

However, beyond the different views of the public, the success of The Crown It is undoubted and, therefore, next month they will begin to shoot their fifth and, apparently, the penultimate season. Although, on this occasion, Peter Morgan will have to rush to release the new chapters since, on July 1, the streaming giant will add to its catalog the series that could sink its creation.

Is about Young Royals, a fiction of Swedish origin that could become the new success of the platform, thus ruining the furor of The Crown, but making Queen Elizabeth II smile. “Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at the prestigious Hillerska boarding school. There he realizes that following his heart is more difficult than he had thought“Reads the Netflix synopsis and, according to what the first trailer shows, this resembles the life of Prince Charles of England.

Although it is not a true story, Young Royals will come to the on demand service to join the monarchical stories that are so obsessing. This Nordic drama, in addition to having a touch of the Morgan series, also has an Elite touch: rich teenagers, in a very exclusive school where, in addition to studying, they go out of their way to show who has more power.

In fact, after the premiere of the last season of EliteYou could say this character is very similar to Phillippe, who was played by Pol Granch, as he arrives at a high school because his parents try to save him from his bad reputation. And, precisely, this is a bit of what happened with the real Prince Charles who, despite not being completely evil during his childhood, his parents could not control his momentum.

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