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The Crown: Peter Morgan’s biggest challenge wasn’t facing Queen Elizabeth

As the seasons went by, The Crown earned a reputation as one of Netflix’s most controversial series. Beyond its spectacular and ambitious production, the fact of delving into the deepest sorrows of the monarchy, made the strip a success. Likewise, the historical reconstruction of the world through the vision of the Windsors was a point in favor of this fiction.

However, for more than The Crown shows, in each season, to be one of the great Netflix blockbusters, the Royal family is not very satisfied with what is captured. More than once, both Prince Charles and his sons, William and Harry, showed their anger with this strip that speaks openly about his life.

But, recently it became known that, The biggest challenge for Peter Morgan was not facing either Queen Elizabeth or the rest of his family. This is because the director always ignored all the criticism and kept writing about his story. Although, in any case, he did face certain challenges that, apparently, he crossed with his head held high.

Matt Smith, Peter Morgan y Claire Foy. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

In an interview published in The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan talked about the scene that cost him the most to film for The Crown. It is that, while the series offers memorable moments in the history of the Windsors, there are some that took much more time and actors. So much so that, according to the director, in the first season, when he was still exploring this creation, he encountered the worst of challenges.

The most difficult scene was the one that director Julian Jarrold filmed to open the Commonwealth chapter, in which we go around the world watching people from the commonwealth of nations and listening to Princess Elizabeth’s speech on the radio. It’s one of the most amazing sequences of all four seasons and I still have no idea how our production team pulled it off.“Peter said.

With Claire Foy as Elizabeth II, the first season of The Crown it was one of the most viewed worldwide. And, soon, Netflix will premiere the fifth and second-to-last edition in which the decade from the 90s to the 2000s will be reflected, going through the worst tragedies of the monarchy.

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