The Crown Season 5 Is Not Coming To Netflix In May 2022

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The Crown season 5 is not coming to Netflix in May 2022

The Crown is a fantastic Netflix Original series partially based on real-life events surrounding Queen Elizabeth II’s political rivalries and romances and events that impacted the second half of the twentieth century. Of course, it’s been brilliantly dramatized to make for fantastic viewing.

The Crown season 5 cast, plot and everything we know so far

Seasons one through four have taught us about history from the 1940s to the 1980s, but with Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana Spencer making their debuts in season four, all eyes are on season five and the events. We know everything about Season 5 of The Crown, including who will star in it, the storyline, etc.

What Is The Crown Season 5’s Storyline?

If the season four conclusion left you eager to see what happened next in Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s shattered marriage, you’re not alone. The tale is far from done, even if the fifth season is still a ways off. The Crown’s fifth season will focus on the 1990s, following Queen Elizabeth, the now-deceased Prince Philip, Charles, Camilla, Princess Diana, and the next generation of royals as adolescents.

Show creator Peter Morgan and his writers have many real-life situations to take inspiration from as they focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce. He has previously said that he wants to avoid the terrible “Tampongate” scandal in 1989. Josh O’Connor, who portrayed Prince Charles in season four, spoke out about his participation in the episode’s removal in response to the event.

“One of my first queries when they gave me the post was ‘questions,’ but I guess it was more of a statement—’ We are not doing the tampon phone call,'” O’Connor says. “I’d created a lot of indie films and television series with a lot of nudity and somewhat shady characters before The Crown. This was one opportunity for my parents to view anything without feeling embarrassed. And there was no way I could get around that by talking about tampons on Netflix. So that was ruled out.

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In any case, even without this iconic incident, the series has plenty of material to work with, including the Prince of Wales’ last royal journey to Japan, Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York’s divorce, and, of course, Princess Anne’s divorce due to an infidelity scandal. The actors portraying Diana and Charles, Elizabeth Debicki, and Dominic West, were seen shooting in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in October 2021.

According to the Daily Mail, the images recreate the royal couple’s 10th wedding anniversary celebration in Italy in 1991. The actresses are also dressed realistically in the photos, with Debicki donning a gorgeous floral gown similar to one Diana wore when she visited Seville in 1992. Here are some wardrobe comparisons from Vanity Fair.

Is Season 5 Of The Crown Coming To Netflix In May?

No, The Crown Season 5 will not be released in May since the program is not on Netflix’s list of May releases. This is no surprise, given Netflix’s announcement that the fifth season would premiere in November 2022. So all we can do now is wait and see what happens.

Tina Brown, a royal family expert who has published two books, recently said that the royal family is “extremely upset about this season continuing ahead” and has attempted to stop production of the Netflix program wherever and whenever possible.

“They block The Crown shooting in regions where they have power,” she told The AV Club. “For example, [Eton College] declined to let them shoot there, which was obviously about honoring William’s emotions that they wouldn’t let it. So they’ve expressed their dissatisfaction by making it apparent that they’re not pleased, and we’re not going to assist.”

“I don’t believe the upcoming season of The Crown will be something that Harry would genuinely approve of in terms of how it portrays his mother,” she said. “We’re not sure how his mother will be shown.” But for now, they don’t like anything that’s come out about their mother.”

Season 5 Of The Crown Release Date Predictions

We don’t currently have any information on the specific release date. That doesn’t mean we can’t make some educated guesses. Netflix has confirmed that the season will be released before the end of the year. We know it will be released in November 2022, making it logical. Seasons 1 and 2 were released in November and December of previous years. Season 6 of The Crown is expected to premiere in November 2023.

We know that Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who starred in Emily in Paris, will have a part in the season. According to Deadline, she will portray Monique Ritz, the widow of Charles Ritz, who sold the notorious Paris hotel to Mohamed Al Fayed in 1979. Why does that name ring a bell? Dodi Fayed, Al Fayed’s son, was in a vehicle accident with Diana, Princess of Wales, in August 1997.

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As a result, Season 5 of The Crown will focus on the events leading up to Diana’s death. The sixth season will most likely take place in the early 2000s, although it will not include Princes William and Harry as adults with their own families.

Netflix has a streaming version of The Crown accessible. Keep an eye on The Crown season 5 for the most up-to-date information.

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