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The Crown: the first images of Jonathan Pryce as Philip of Edinburgh were leaked

After an extremely controversial fourth season, the fifth part of The Crown it is already in full production. Although the novelty by the appearance of Princess Diana in the series is in the past, the new chapters promise to be much more captivating. It is that, on this occasion, the worst scandals of the British monarchy will be captured on the small screen.

This is because Peter Morgan focuses, for his next edition of The Crown, in the 90s until the 2000s. Going through the divorces of three of the children of Queen Elizabeth II, including that of the Princes of Wales, will also see “the interview of revenge” of Lady Di and its subsequent death. However, beyond the plot, fans have an interest in knowing everything about what is to come.

So much so that, with the leak of images of Elizabeth Debicki as Diana and, later, the official photos that Netflix shared of the Princess and Charles of Wales, the anxiety lessened. However, now, the Stevenage medium of the United Kingdom managed to capture Jonathan Pryce filming scenes as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Jonathan Pryce as the Prince. Photo: (Stevenage)

When it was confirmed that the actor was going to be the one to take over from Tobías Menzies for this new season, many fans disagreed. It should be noted that originally Pryce and the Duke do not have a very obvious physical resemblance. But, with the magic of characterization and the great team in The Crown, the also protagonist of “The two Popes”Remained identical to the consort of Elizabeth II.

Philip of Edinburgh played by Jonathan Pryce.  Pictured: (Jonathan Pryce as the Prince. Pictured: (Stevenage)

Philip of Edinburgh played by Jonathan Pryce. Pictured: (Jonathan Pryce as the Prince. Pictured: (Stevenage)

From what was seen in the images captured outside Knebowrth House, which will make of Windsor Castle, the production was filming one of the most iconic moments in the life of the Prince. Known for his fanaticism for horses, it was in the 70s when he bought a carriage that he used until his last days and which came to be present at his funeral, being this very similar to the one that the series will have.

And, in addition to these iconic representations, the actor will also have to carry out some of the most talked about scandals of the duke. Although, yes, to see what controversies Jonathan Pryce’s Felipe of Edinburgh will be involved in, we will have to wait at least a year.

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