The Crunchyroll series with capybaras as protagonists

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During the last year, capybaras They were an icon of the social networks. But in the last week, they became owners of all trends. Is that in Argentina, this type of rodents began to return to their natural habitat, which implied seeing them crossing the street, entering family homes and occupying unexpected spaces. In this sense, memes and references to entertainment by users were not long in coming. Among them, there was no lack of anime from Crunchyroll that has as protagonists these animals so mentioned.

The embassy of Japan in Argentina he took the opportunity to join the debate by providing information about capybaras and noting that in the Asian country they love them. So much so, that a series created by the company Banpresto has the largest rodent in the world as the main character. His name is Kapibarasan and it is highly rated by all those who enjoyed the brief episodes.

Kapibarasan stuffed animals are all the rage in Japan (Embassy of Japan in Argentina).

What is Kapibarasan about?

The main character stands out for living calm, relaxed and happy in the Midorino meadow. Together with his friends White-san, Los Kokapis, Regent-boy, Atsui and Kapi-ji, he walks, eats and mainly rests. Thanks to this Lifestyle, Kapibarasan became almost a production of worship: it acquired a very special meaning for society and invited it to adapt these ways of living.

The popularity of the series, directed by Tomohiro Tsukimi and issued by TV Tokyo, exceeded expectations. Not only can the capybara be seen in anime form, but they were also designed fluff, decoration items and even books. In Tokyo, both in the Coppice shopping center, in the Kichijoji neighborhood, and in Tokyo Character Street, there are stores called Kyurutto Shop who are exclusively dedicated to selling these products.

Akiyuki Tateyama is responsible for the music, while Fumiya Takahashi and Yuichiro Umehara serve as narrators. All episodes are available for both Latin America and Spain on Crunchyroll, the service of streaming with the widest catalog for fans of the manga and anime.

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