The Cuban government would have sent Maduro bags with between three and five million for Podemos and its partners

Hugo Chávez and his then foreign minister, Nicolás Maduro, ordered their subordinates to collect Chavismo funds at the Cuban Embassy in Caracas to finance left-wing political parties around the world. In Spain they did it with Podemos, according to documents held by the National Court and in which it is detailed how this money was collected, reports Ok Diary.

The new information is that the funds were transported in packages of three and five million “sometimes in euros and others in dollars” sealed “in blue bags with a red seal” until they reached the podemitas coffers.says the Spanish newspaper.

In the case on the illegal financing of Podemos, opened as a result of the revelations of the former head of the Intelligence and Counterintelligence of Venezuela, Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal, there are documents that specify how the money that would be destined for, among other countries, Spain was collected.

According Ok Diary, the current leader of the Chavista regime, Nicolás Maduro, ordered his messengers withdraw the money at the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela located on Rio de Janeiro and Choroní avenues.

At the diplomatic headquarters, a person sent by the Raúl Castro regime – it was 2012 – handed over the funds supposedly from the Cuban refinery in Cienfuegos, owned at that time by Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), to Maduro’s man.

The money “came in medium-volume cardboard boxes” and inside it was sealed in “blue cloth bags with a red wax seal,” according to Ok Diary.

Later, the person who collected the money gave it to Maduro’s personal assistant, who at first was Williams Amaro and later would be Homar Viera, nicknamed Pharaoh. Advisers to the current president of Venezuela prepared “packages” and delivered them directly to politicians.

In the case of Spain, the person who collected the money in Caracas was Juan Carlos Monedero, who received 200,000 euros at the Hotel Alba and 600,000 dollars —531,063,000 euros in exchange — at the Hotel Meliá.. As of 2012, after several “misplaces” of money, Maduro was in charge of sending it to the country of destination through diplomatic bag or shell companies.

2.5 million for Podemos

These amounts include 2.5 million euros that Foreign Minister Maduro received in his office bound for Spain. It was the year 2012, at that time The current Bolivarian ruler held the position of Foreign Minister under the Chávez dictatorship and was charged with delivering the money to the founders of Podemos. The left-wing political party would be constituted just two years later, but the ideologues of the formation maintained a close link with Venezuela.

Investigators consider that the money was sent to Spain through a Venezuelan diplomatic bag. The former head of Venezuelan Intelligence Hugo El Pollo Carvajal has already revealed to Judge Manuel García-Castellón this mechanism used by the regime to finance the “embryo” of Podemos.

The military man pointed out to the head of the Central Court of Instruction number Six that money “in cash” was sent to finance the left-wing party in Spain.

The money was carried by the most important informant I had on these cases. The informant collected the money at the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela and took it to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, where Williams Amaro received it.“said Carvajal.

“Williams Amaro sealed it as a diplomatic bag and sent the money to the Venezuelan Embassy in Spain. At the Embassy, ​​it was withdrawn by Ramón Gordils (Vice Minister of Economic Cooperation of Venezuela and president of the Foreign Trade Bank), who then made the delivery of the cash to Juan Carlos Monedero, “according to the military man.

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