The curious tribute that Marvel pays to Star Wars in many of its films

Star Wars many times it was a festival of limbs cut by those fantastic weapons known as lightsabers. Let’s recall some cases: in the prequels Count Dooku cuts off Anakin’s hand, the next episode the Chosen One cuts off both Darth Tyranus’s hands and also does the same with Mace Windu. Finally, Obi-Wan Kenobi cuts off all of his former Padawan’s limbs.

Meanwhile, the original trilogy shows how Darth Vader cuts off the hand of his son Luke Skywalker and in the Episode VI lThe roles are reversed. It seems that George Lucas He has a certain love for these kinds of sequences. The truth is that with a weapon like the lightsaber it is impossible that these wounds do not occur.

Kevin Feige is a lover of Star Wars which is even currently producing a future entry into the franchise. So much so that your Marvel Cinematic Universe has several nods to the feature of the intergalactic saga that we mentioned earlier. Arbitrary winks that celebrate an inexhaustible work. Thanks George Lucas!

On Iron Man 3, the villain Aldrich Killian loses his arm at the end of the film. On Thor: The Dark World the reference also appears. Loki makes the Dark Elf Malekith believe that his powerful brother, the God of Thunder, lost a limb in combat.

A very special tribute!

Meanwhile in Captain America and the Winter Soldier we see that Bucky Barnes has no arm. Sure, the character lost it during a battle in the previous film in the franchise when he fell off a moving train and Steve Rogers was unable to rescue him. Hydra replaced it with a vibranium one and now, once again a hero, he has a Wakandan prosthetic.

On Guardians of the Galaxy it is Groot who is left without both upper limbs at the beginning of the adventure. However, its arboreal nature causes both to grow back. Secondly, Avengers: Age of Ultron introduces the villain Ulysses Klaw who loses his arm to Ultron and in Black Panther we see that it is replaced by a dangerous laser weapon.

On Ant-Man The villain Yellowjacket loses one of his arms when he is defeated by Scott Lang, the protagonist of the film who makes his debut as a superhero under the watchful eye of Hank Pym, the person in charge of a technology with the ability to change humanity forever.

In Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, precisely in Captain America: Civil WarAt the end of the film Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes fight Iron Man. Tony Stark disintegrates the Winter Soldier’s metal arm with a powerful laser beam before being defeated by Captain America and his historic ally who retreats from battle with one arm.

¿George Lucas will be happy with a display of admiration as great as the one Marvel does to Star Wars in so many MCU entries? It is important to clarify that currently both brands belong to Disney and this tribute is even easier to do. Kevin Feige admitted: “It didn’t start out intentional, but it became a tradition.”

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