The Dark Pictures | A new delivery is registered: The Devil in Me

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Supermassive Games ha registrado The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me at JUSTIA Trademark, the North American licensing and permitting company where Microsoft did the same with Xbox Series X months before hitting the market. The registration took place last June 28th and in it we can even see the logo of what suggests to be a new chapter in the anthology, although for the moment no one has commented on it.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: two chapters released and a third on the way

The new franchise of the creators of Until Dawn It was released in August 2019, the date on which its first chapter arrived: Man of Medan. An adventure of a narrative nature, set on a mysterious ship and in which the player had to take part in all the decisions to influence the fate of each and every one of its characters. In our analysis we said that the title “is an exercise in terror that the fans will like”.

Later in October 2020 came Little Hope, the second episode. This time, the saga changed the sea for the mountain and the ghosts, for witches. At MeriStation it left us with a good taste in our mouths, albeit with nuances: although it is true that we thought that Supermassive Games were “more comfortable” telling this type of story, we also regret some technical problems such as “graphic and sound bugs” , as well as “abrupt transitions between scenes.”

Currently, while we wait to see what happens with the newly registered The Devil in Me, we are preparing for the arrival of the third installment of the series: House of Ashes, which will arrive next October 22 to take us to the desert in the middle of the Iraq War, a space in which we will live a horror adventure in the purest Lovecraft style.

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