The Dark Pictures Creators Seek Staff For Multiplayer Project

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Supermassive Games have become in recent years one of the reference studios when it comes to terror, especially under a narrative adventure structure, thanks first to the surprising Until Dawn and later, to the saga The Dark Pictures, with games like Man of Medan, Little Hope or the most recent House of Ashes. However, they aim to create something different in their next project, as in a series of job openings posted on their own official website they seem to be looking for staff for positions like Multiplayer Designer.

If we take a look at this particular offer, Supermassive is looking for someone capable of “create multiplayer combat, progression and a tutorial system“. Among the essential skills mentioned are” balance, lag compensation and online economy “, in addition to talking about purely online elements such as” guilds “or” events “. Furthermore, they are looking for someone who can create” a satisfactory and a visually exciting gamer experience. “

Something not entirely new for Supermassive

Despite everything, multiplayer is not a completely unknown terrain for this British studio, since they have already worked on online elements collaborating with exclusive Sony projects such as Killzone The Little Big Planet. “We are looking for a highly talented, motivated and experienced person to work on our new project to be announced,” they say on the web. “You will collaborate with the design, art and animation teams to create various multiplayer systems, from combat to a progression system.”

In the same way, they look for someone who has virtues such as “innovative”, “flexible”, “determined and motivated”, “obsessed with quality” and “prepared for a challenge”.

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