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The day an intruder entered Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom while she was sleeping – MAG.

The Palace of Buckingham has had a number of security protocol violations. In July 2019 a man climbed the bars and spent four minutes wandering through the gardens of the Royal residence and tried to enter the building before being detained by the police. A year earlier, a homeless man managed to enter the palace’s perimeter and go unnoticed for four hours.

Of course, the most notorious case at Buckingham Palace, however, was in 1982 when an unknown entered the bedroom of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom while the queen slept. A scene that was even portrayed in the fourth season of the series The Crown.

The intruder was Michael Fagan, a painter and decorator who revealed that the incident that occurred in the early morning of July 9, 1982 it was his second try for entering the royal residence; the first had occurred approximately three weeks earlier. The man, unemployed and father of four children, successfully evaded electronic alarms, the royal guard and the palace police.

As revealed to the newspaper In the first attempt to break into the royal residence, he entered the palace through an open skylight in the ceiling and wandered the corridors for more than half an hour. He took time to contemplate the royal portraitsHe rested on the throne for a moment and then went to the banquet hall, where he drank half a bottle of wine with some sandwiches before leaving.

Unable to resist the temptation to return to the palace, Fagan broke in for the second time in the early morning of July 9, this time climbing the four meter wall tall from Buckingham and, again, climbing up a sewer pipe before making his way to the queen’s bedroom at 7:15 a.m.

Fagan decided to enter the room of Elizabeth II, opened the curtains to discover the monarch who was still resting and assured that the queen was “shaking”. “I step by his bed and she seemed too small to be the queen. So I walk over and open the curtain, just to make sure, and all of a sudden he sat up and said, ‘What are you doing here? I ended up feeling a bit sorry for her “, said.

Some newspapers at the time claimed that the queen remained calm and continued talking to him until the security officers arrived. However, Fagan denied this. “No! He passed me and ran out of the room; her little bare feet ran away “, revealed to Mirror.

Remembering the monarch’s bedroom, Fagan said: “I was surprised at how poor quality it was. I wiped my hands on the curtains because my hands got a little dirt stained from climbing down the drain and were falling apart, these 20ft curtains. It was like the house of ‘Los Locos Addams’, just old. And the isolation. It was a big, big room, with a little person in it “.

Fagan said that an employee arrived and served him some whiskey before the security officers arrived. At that time, the law stated that intrusion it was a civil offense Instead of a criminal one, Fagan was not charged with burglary but with wine theft, and the charges were eventually dropped when he was admitted to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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