The day Anthony Hopkins made an unexpected confession about The Silence of the Lambs

The day Anthony Hopkins made an unexpected confession about The Silence of the Lambs

There is no doubt about the talent that Anthony Hopkins deployed in each job. Two-time winner of the Oscar, thanks to what has been done in The Silence of the Lambs 30 years ago, and now for his starring role in The Father, every work of the artist is hypnotic. Whether as the father of Thor, as a psychopath or as an elderly person with dementia, Anthony da el 100%.

In an interview with Variety, he said that he remained on paper even when the cameras were not filming. (IMDb)

However, it seems that for him the cinema is no longer what it was and so he confessed to Alexis Puig in an interview conducted in 2014. It was during a press session to promote Noah, the film headed by Russell Crowe who directed Darren Aronofsky. “I don’t watch movies at all. I used to enjoy movies and not anymore “, said Anthony Hopkins. In fact, he revealed that he hadn’t even read the entire script for Noah.

After this confession, Anthony Hopkins was consulted for what his papers meant as Hannibal Lecter, an iconic character in film history. However, for the two-time winner of the Oscar, The Silence of the Lambs “was just one more movie”. Its sequel, meanwhile, “It was not important, it was just work”.

As recalled Alexis Puig in the Instagram post in which he shared the fragments of the interview, Anthony Hopkins he was not in the mood to answer any questions. “Obviously he didn’t like the movie he was promoting, and that day after doing two interviews, including this one, the studio decided to suspend the rest of its meetings with the press”the journalist recalled.

The unforgettable scene from The Father that squeezed the hearts of the audience

This year, Anthony Hopkins he got the award for Best Actor at the Oscars so done as Anthony on The Father, from Florian Zeller. The artist was not present at the untidy ceremony and thanked the next day from his networks for all the affection and recognition of his work in an incredible human drama that portrays the way in which dementia affects both a person and those who it surround.

the father anthony hopkins florian zeller

Florian Zeller based the film on the play that he created. (IMDb)

The film’s production designer, Peter Francis, said that to make the unforgettable scene at the end where Anthony he cries for his nurse, desperate, it was done in just two takes. “You can turn it on and off. When he acts he is completely in character and as soon as they say ‘cut’ he laughs with the rest of the people “explained the director, who also remarked that they were all very “Respectful” with the processes of Hopkins facing said scene and that the silence was such that it “I could hear a pin drop”.

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