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The day Emma Corrin almost died on the set of The Crown

With four seasons already available on Netflix, The Crown It is one of the most successful series worldwide. The creation of Peter Morgan reveals, detail by detail, the entire life of the British royal family without any scruples something that, in fact, shook the foundations of Buckingham Palace, especially in the last two seasons where it went out of the typical stories of the monarchy and did not issue any controversy.

Is that, every time you talk about Queen Elizabeth II and her family, many try to take care of their image, but in The Crown exactly the opposite happens. So much so that, more than once, Felipe de Edimburgo complained about the content captured on the small screen like Prince Carlos, who assured that there are two scenes that were the ones that made him infuriated because they were not true.

However, the season that caused the most amazement was the fourth as it was the incorporation of Lady Diana to the series. Played by Emma Corrin, the princess of the town was the main protagonist of the last episodes of Netflix since it was shown since her arrival at the Royal House, through her marriage to the heir to the throne and, in addition, her first and subsequent pregnancy birth of Prince William.

Emma Corrin playing a Lady Di. Photo: (Netflix)

In fact, the symbolic participation of Diana of Wales in The Crown turned Emma Corrin into Netflix’s big find. This is because the actress, in addition to having an unparalleled resemblance to the real Princess, also dazzled with her acting level being that, before entering the cast of the strip, she did not have an extensive curriculum, but according to what she said more All at once, he prepared differently for this role, and one of his resources for his great performance was watching old documentaries of the Earl of Spencer’s daughter.

Although, despite the success that fiction brought to Corrin, she did not have a good time during the recordings. In fact, it was she herself who recounted a dramatic episode that she lived while doing her job: she was on the brink of death. “I had a scene in a frozen swimming pool. I had to keep floating in the water and it was difficult in the water so cold. I did, but I had been filming for a while with a lot of coughing. After that scene my condition worsened”, He began by explaining to Glamor magazine.

Emma Corrin in her role as Lady Di.  Photo: (IMDB)

Emma Corrin in her role as Lady Di. Photo: (IMDB)

What’s more, such was the problem that caused him that, that same night, he had to go to the doctor because asthma played a very bad trick on him. “We went to the hospital to get an antibiotic prescribed and I ended up in the hospital. They gave me an oxygen test and they told me: “today you can’t get on a plane because your blood oxygen level is very low”. If I was afraid to die? A bit”, He assured.

It should be noted that the scene Emma mentioned was filmed in Spain and, that same night, they all had to return to England together. Even so, his stay in the hospital and his delay in returning to the series ended with an anecdote: “On the first day no one recognized me, but on the second day one of the nurses approached me and said that they knew who I was and that they wanted to congratulate me.“, He said between laughs and, later, closed:”They offered me a cardboard bag to put on my head so the photographers couldn’t have images of me. I laughed a lot but declined the offer”.

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