The day Guillermo thought about leaving university but Carlos made him change his mind

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Thousands of students in the United Kingdom they are preparing to start college. Some may be filled with fear of moving houses, making new friends, and the huge student loan bill that will affect them once they graduate. And it seems that the members of the British royal family they are not strangers to all this, since William of Cambridge he almost dropped out of college after just one term due to doubts about his choice.

Prince William attended the St Andrews University and originally enrolled as a student in the art history course. But, according to British royal biographer Robert Lacey, quoted by the British newspaper , university life on the small Scottish coast was not what the future king expected.

In his book, Battle of Brothers, Lacey reveals that the highlight for William of Cambridge was “Buy at the local supermarket”, while the nights out were “cloudy” because all the other students were fascinated by him. Lacey also claims that the prince was not enjoying his course.

When Guillermo returned to London for the Christmas holidays in 2001, he told his father, Carlos de Gales, that he wanted to leave university. According to Lacey, she asked Prince Charles If I would develop a curriculum for him to retire and transferred to a different university, considering Edinburgh as an alternative.

Prince Charles’s physician at the time, Mark Bolland, revealed to Lacey: “It was no different from what a lot of freshmen go through. We approach everything like a wobble, which it was completely normal. “St Andrews had a flexible course structure and when they found out that Guillermo could be happier with the specialization in geography, they made sure there were no obstacles.”, he indicated.

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After coming up with a new plan, the helpers returned to Carlos and suggested that he should “Demonstrate a more paternal spine”. And that Christmas, she sat down to have a heartfelt conversation with her son and convinced him to stay in St Andrews, but to change course.

Guillermo agreed and the rest is history, especially since it is at this time that his romance with Catherine of Cambridge began to flourish. They became close friends after sharing student accommodation and the couple graduated in 2005.

Now, 16 years later, Guillermo and Catalina are happily married for 10 years and are the parents of three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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