The day Lily Collins hit Prince Charles

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The figure of Emily in Paris remembered the times she made life difficult for Prince Charles and Lady Di. Safety pin!

Lily Collins
© GettyLily Collins

Lily Collins She knows what fame is from a very young age. Of course, she is the daughter of the legend of the rock world, Phil Collins, leader of the popular British band Genesis. Today, the actress enjoys the label of “celebrity” on his own merit thanks to his career in the world of cinema and TV. Shine as the protagonist Emily in Paris, a series that raises a clash of cultures with the arrival of a young North American to a French marketing company.

The young interpreter recognized that when she was little she had a tendency to misbehave and that characteristic was even manifested in front of members of the British royalty. A case that he remembered in the program The Late Late Show with James Corden It was the time that made life impossible for him. Prince carlos: “I threw a toy phone at his head. Which left everyone speechless”. Zero protocols?

The antics of Lily Collins

That wasn’t the only time Lily surprised a royal with a prank. your other “victim” It was nothing more and nothing less than Lady Di: “We’re at a Prince’s Trust event and I’m giving Diana flowers but the moment she went to pick them up I tried to take them away from her.”, surely the situation aroused laughter in more than one witness.

It is known that the members of the British royalty are very correct when it comes to complying with the restrictive protocols that they have maintained for centuries. The queen is a promoter of this kind of behavior, but a two-year-old baby surely does not understand anything about titles and nobility: She just wants to play! Lily Collins He has a lot of fun with these memories.

Could we suggest to those responsible for the show The Crown What do these situations add to the series? After all, Lily Collins is a figure of the streaming platform on which the program is televised: Netflix. A cameo by the actress in a scene based on those memorable antics with the Prince carlos Y Lady Di. What do you think?

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