The day Messi met the leader of the X-Men

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Lionel Messi He has been at the center of the scene for a few weeks. Not only did his first official title with the Argentine soccer team put him on the front pages of the world’s newspapers, but also the contractual situation with Barcelona, ​​the club where he was formed since he was a teenager, was very unstable. Finally, the star did not renew with the Catalan institution and today he arrived in Paris, to join the Paris Saint Germain.

In this context, it is interesting to recall how it was the time that you met the leader of the X-Men. At an event packed with sports stars, where they were also Cristiano Ronaldo Y Diego Armando Maradona, Messi ran into Patrick Stewart, the actor who gave life to Profesor Charles Xavier in the trilogy of tapes that was born in 2000 by the hand of Bryan Singer.

“I met a god tonight,” Patrick wrote on his networks. Source: (Patrick Stewart)

In an interview he conducted in the framework of an event of the SAG Foundation, entity that is part of the actors’ union, Stewart He recalled how it was the night he met the icon of the Argentine National Team: “This hand was in the hand of Lionel Messi”, He counted. Thus, he stressed that it was not that he was a fervent supporter of the athlete but that his wife was. “It made her a soccer fan. He had no interest at all until he saw how this man plays ball, “he said.

How did i know Messi I was going to be at an event Patrick Stewart He allowed his wife to do her best to introduce him to him. “It was really difficult, because there was security like you’ve never seen,” he said. However, she managed to come face to face with him. “His face… This is very exciting for me. It just glowed in front of me, “said the actor from X-Men, who then added: “I told him: ‘Sir MessiPlease, my wife … ‘and they shook hands. I said, ‘Please, can I take a picture of you together?’ and I took their picture ”. Then Antonella Roccuzzo, the soccer player’s wife, told Stewart: “Now I want a photo with you”, and the four ended with an unforgettable snapshot.

The record held by Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart It is not only one of the maximum references of the saga of X-Men, where he played the leader of the mutants, but is also the owner of a curious brand. Next to Hugh Jackman, who knew how to give life to Wolverine, have the record of 16 years and 228 consecutive days in the skin of their characters. The record was recognized by the Guinness in 2016.


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