The death of 4 series characters that fans could not bear

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Beyond the discussion about whether watching movies is better than watching series, or vice versa, if there is something in favor of productions that go to the small screen, it is extension. The seasons of 10, 12 or more than 20 episodes make fans especially fond of their protagonists. Fans of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead O Breaking Bad They are as fond of the stories they see in these productions as they are of the actors who play them.

The revelation of the origin of Hodor’s name was very painful for fans. (IMDb)

With The Sopranos The golden age of television was born and with it appeared productions that redefined the way of consuming fictions. Lost it is the starting point for an already normalized trend of watching series and discussing them on the internet. Constantly talking about these stories and their characters also enhanced that affection that can be felt for the protagonist of the fiction of the moment, and if it is about deaths, there are four series that stand out for having impacted their viewers.

4 – Lane Pryce and Mad Men

lane pryce mad men

The pressures for the robbery were too much for Lane. (IMDb)

Mad Men, one of the first great successes of AMC, is considered one of the masterpieces of modern television. Both for the complexity of its characters, especially that of Don Draper, as in the way in which he recreated the 60s. Despite the vices and constant dilemmas, Mad Men It didn’t seem like a series that was going to play with the lives of its characters, until desperation and financial problems were too much for Lane Pryce, which ended up hanging in his office.

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3 – Glenn en The Walking Dead

steven yeun glenn the walking dead

Yeun was in more than 80 episodes of The Walking Dead. (IMDb)

As in Breaking Bad, in case of The Walking Dead is rife with deaths that were meaningful to fans of the show AMC. Without going any further, the losses of Lori and Carl they were shocking. But none of them lived up to what happened to Glenn, who seemed to have perished under a horde of zombies in one of the most unexpected dramatic twists of the series, only to end up falling victim to the bat of Negan in one of the best season starts of The Walking Dead.

2 – Hank Schrader and Breaking Bad

The Sopranos it also served to overturn the view that viewers were fond of only heroes and loathed villains. In the case of Breaking Bad, this idea is totally subverted in pursuit of which it is desired at all costs that to Walter White it goes well and what Hank Shrader and the DEA can’t catch him. However, there is something in that personal story of Hank and his family bond with Heisenberg that made his loss terrible.

Yes, some may point to the death of Jane as the most terrible for the tension it generated and how it ruined Jesse. Others may forever remember the explosion that left lifeless Gus Fring. But none was as unexpected and terrifying as the scene in which the neo-Nazis assassinated Hank in the desert. In addition, he said goodbye with an unforgettable phrase for a desperate Walter White: “You’re the smartest guy I ever met, but you’re too stupid to understand that he decided it ten minutes ago”.

1 – The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones

The eight seasons of Game of Thrones they have deaths to spare for fans to choose from, to the point that it was hardly a surprise that someone lost their life. The series begins with an adult who commits incest and throws the boy who discovered it from a tower. Anything could happen in this series that absolutely nothing was saved when it came to showing spectacular sequences.

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But, the ninth episode of the third season had a surprise in store. “The Rains of Castamere” was the chapter that gave the most shocking of the endings, which went down to posterity as “The Red Wedding”, where Walder Frey ambushed Rob and Catelyn Stark, and murdered everyone present after feeling betrayed by the eldest of the Stark house. Nor the origin story of Hodor it was so terrible for the fans.

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