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The definitive trick to hang your paintings and objects on the wall – MAG.

A young man who shares homemade tricks (life hack) in TikTok has revealed the best way to hang things on the walls. It is a response to a trend in the social network that asks users to share the tricks they wish they had known before they turned 30.

The trick of the tiktoker Sidney Raz attracted over 1 million views in just one day and shows the easiest way to hang items on a wall. Raz is popular on TikTok, a platform where 1.5 million followers enjoy his videos on which he provides “Things I should have known before 30”.

In the video, Sidney Raz shows the trick by hanging a socket on the wall. “I can’t believe I’m about to show you this.”he says in the viral video. To get started, Sidney Raz takes some duct tape and places it on the back of the plug. Then use a pen to mark where the holes are. You then remove the tape, attach it to your wall, and add nails at the marked spots.

The simple and incredibly easy trick can save a lot of time, especially if you are someone who has spent hours guessing and feeling the reverse of images when trying to hang them.

TikTok users seemed impressed by the life hack. Many could not believe that they had not known the homemade trick before. “How come I never knew this trick!” Wrote one user. “I’m angry after seeing this,” added another. “Thank you very, very much,” wrote another.

It is not the first time that a tiktoker has taught a homemade trick. Recently a user shared a trick to fasten a bracelet with one hand. While another netizen made another homemade remedy viral to keep spiders and insects away from our home.

Sidney Raz’s viral video immediately received more than 644,000 ‘likes’ and thousands of comments, mainly from people who complained of not knowing about this life hack, according to the British newspaper .

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