The delirium of the Castro dictatorship that Sánchez does not condemn: 300 imprisoned for “spreading the pandemic”

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The Cuban dictatorship is jailing hundreds of people for participating in citizen protests against the communist regime, but Cuban judges are camouflaging those prison orders to avoid an international conviction for incarceration for political reasons. Many of these rulings include the ‘crime’ of ‘spread of the epidemic», As Cuban activists denounce. Meanwhile, the Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez continues to resist describing Castroism as a dictatorship.

The Castro regime no longer knows how to appease the wave of protests in the streets of the whole country demanding freedom, given the difficult social, economic and political situation that the island is experiencing, further aggravated by the pandemic. In fact, the dictatorship has seized on the latter to imprison the protesters who have been arrested. The latest updated figure is 272 political prisoners since the beginning of the civic revolt.

As reported by the platform Prisioners Defenders, the Cuban Prosecutor’s Office has issued provisional prison orders under the crime of “Spread of Epidemic”, A recently created figure in the Cuban penal code that is considered a“ blank penal norm ”. That is, it establishes the penalties but does not explicitly specify the acts that it punishes.

Despite the fact that in principle this crime carries a simple administrative sanction -a lot-, if this is not fulfilled in 30 days, it can lead to a jail sentence. In the case of the trials against Cuban protesters, they are being sent to prison without even communicating that fine.

In this way, the Cuban regime avoid being singled out internationally for punishing positions or peaceful political demands such as those seen on the island for weeks. But in practice, all these arrests are produced by obvious political criteria.

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As they recall from Prisioners Defenderes, on July 17 the Cuban regime itself called a counter-demonstration in their favor. However, none of the participants in these marches has been arrested or prosecuted for this alleged spread of the epidemic.

Up to 8,000 detainees

The list of 272 incarcerated has already been communicated to the United Nations. But the number of detainees who have been released after spending days missing in crowded detention centers is much higher.

«This month has been tragic for Cubans. An impossible number to determine between 2,000 and 8,000 people have been detained throughout Cuba, and not a few with these situations. Only in Santa Clara, Guillermo Fariñas calculated, from within and while he was detained, a saturation of hundreds of detainees in a single Detention Center, as he himself has indicated, when there are countless establishments available for it in said province and the saturation it was generalized ”, warn from Prisioners Defenders.

«To this is added that lawyers throughout Cuba are receiving orders, or many self-censoring, so that documents are not delivered to relatives. Let us remember that the legal profession in Cuba is practiced and depends economically and hierarchically on the State and not on the defendant, or client “, they explain from this platform.

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