The description of the exclusive trailer for CinemaCon for The Batman

The description of the exclusive trailer for CinemaCon for The Batman

The CinemaCon continues to speak with panels that surprise and news that the fandom has been waiting for a long time. In that context, it could not be missing The Batman, the film directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert pattinson. Warner shared an exclusive look for visitors to the convention that did not reach the Internet, but we have the detailed description of the images that were accompanied by the word of the actor who personifies the Dark Knight in this version.

It seems that the shared images are a “behind the camera” with a focus on the terror it generates Batman. On this occasion, the director Matt Reeves will present in the film the first years of activity of the bat. Pattinson even highlights that Bruce Wayne you will have trouble managing your anger.

The Batman had a presence at CinemaCon

The beginning of the advance finds Batman walking with sinister piano music accompanying the action. Pattinson dice: Batman he is one of the most important characters of the 20th century “. So, Bruce takes off his mask. The story continues: “This version is radically different from what has been seen before. ” The filmmakers of this project are truly proud of the result.

Reeves also comments: “We haven’t seen anything that founds the hero like Year One does.”. While this is not an origin story, The Batman account, as we mentioned before, the first days of the vigilante. The images show the hero beating criminals in real dark chaos. “That rage really works“confesses Pattinson, who has the challenge of convincing the audience to DC with its performance.

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Likewise, the popular actor acknowledges that “all the fights seem very personal“And it highlights the different weapons used by the vigilante when imposing justice in a Gotham city dark and fearful. The trailer shows Andy Serkis acting as Alfred and to Batmobile in action. Matt Reeves closes: “We can’t wait for them to see The Batman at the movies next year. “

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