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Eternals it was released in theaters last week and, although critics destroyed it (with less than 50% in Rotten Tomatoes it was the worst rated in the saga), it fell well with viewers. Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) they ignored the opinions of the specialized press and, according to the aforementioned site, it has an 80% approval rating. This suggests that in Disney they might look favorably on a prequel.

Those responsible for writing the film he directed Chloe Zhao it was the cousins Kaz and Ryan Firpo. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter were consulted for the possibility of writing a series of Disney+ or a new movie in the MCU and they did not doubt it for a moment. “This project is a gift that does not stop giving”, assured Kaz.

While they are currently working on what could be their first film as directors whose script was written during the pandemic, The Motor City Girls, do not rule out thinking of a series for the platform Disney. “We jokingly said there would have to be a prequel series of Eternals on Disney+. Go back and do an episode about Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) in Mumbai in 1890 where he deals with his life as a star and the peaceful dissolution of the British empire in India with Gandhihe joked Kaz, while also pointing out that they had ideas for the allegations (Angelina Jolie).

“It is an exciting time to be a storyteller”, assured Ryan, who highlighted that with Disney+ there are “Many opportunities to tell stories in many different formats”. In this context, Kaz assured that “Would love” do the series what if “The audience allows it, there will be a story to tell with Dane Whitman. He also highlighted that there are many stories left to tell about the Celestials, which he defined as “Incredible metaphors for creation”.

The priority work of the Eternals scriptwriters

Before thinking about potential episodes of Eternals, for cousins Firpo there is a priority called The Motor City Girls. In the interview with The Hollywood Reporter anticipated the details around this production that will be written and produced by Ryan Firpo, and directed by Case Firpo. “It’s about 5 teenage girls in 1990s Detroit, with strange and dangerous powers trying to understand and dismantle the cult that their father started 20 years ago. It is a supernatural detective movie. It is a work of American magical realism “, he counted Kaz.

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