the device with the actor had fun promoting Don’t Look Up

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On December 24, Don’t Look Up, the new film by Adam McKay centered on two scientists who discover an asteroid that is about to destroy the planet and decide to warn the White House. Starring figures like Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Timotheé Chalamet Y Jonah HillTo mention a few, it had a preview in some theaters days ago, before arriving on the platform.

In this context, Netflix organized press conferences and interviews with its different protagonists, and it seems that in each event, Hill he was in charge of making jokes to his companions. This was revealed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, where he gave details of how it operated. “This is a very bad, old-school flatulence machine for an 8-year-old. That’s how digital and silly it sounds. I’ve been working with her for a few days “, he assured between laughs.

“We have these very fancy press conferences, and I used the machine every time someone was talking about climate change. None of my colleagues found it funny “, He said Jonah Hill. In fact, Leonardo Dicaprio He took it upon himself to expose him after his colleague rang the machine while he answered a question from the press. “I knew this was going to happen. Heard about this last night, I’m going to end this: Jonah has a flatulence machine “, he could be heard saying.

In the interview with Fallon, Hill revealed that Adam McKay told him that since Netflix They asked her to talk to him to stop using the machine. McKay Told him: “Since they don’t find it funny, they don’t find it interesting. And for me it is very funny “. After giving the details of the story, the actor was in charge of leaving a message to the service of streaming. “Officially I want to say: I love you Netflix, I love working with you, I am a big fan, I see your content, but no corporation is going to silence my flatulence “, he pointed out while the audience of The Tonight Show laughed.

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Who gave the machine to Jonah Hill

In the middle of the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Jonah Hill He said that among all the members of Don’t Look Up, the only one who seemed amused by his joke was Meryl Streep. In addition, he revealed who was the person who gave him the machine before the press tour. It seems that the actor conversed with Julia Louis-Dreyfus about how fun it would be to have such an artifact before every lecture, and the actress from Seinfeld It was sent to him as a gift so he could enjoy it.

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