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The Devil Wears Prada Sequel Announced, Possibly Based on This New Book

The Devil Wears Prada Sequel Announced, Possibly Based on This New Book

Nearly two decades after the iconic 2006 film, a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada is reportedly being developed by Disney. With the much-adored villain Miranda Priestly expected to make a comeback, there’s plenty of buzz in the air.

While Emily Blunt, who played the harried assistant Emily, along with scriptwriter Aline Brosh McKenna and director David Frankel, are all in discussions to return, it’s still uncertain if Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci will reprise their roles as Andy and Nigel respectively.

Adapted from Lauren Weisberger’s bestselling 2003 book, the movie captured audiences by following Andrea’s journey as a personal assistant to a powerful magazine editor. The high-paced fashion world of New York City was brilliantly depicted, transforming Andrea’s job into a nightmarish struggle to meet her boss’s ever-increasing demands and schedule.

Interestingly, Lauren Weisberger had worked as a personal assistant to Anna Wintour, the US Vogue editor, who is widely believed to be the inspiration for Miranda Priestly. However, Wintour has stated she has no memory of Weisberger working for her.

While concrete details about the sequel are limited, it’s speculated that the new movie might be based on Weisberger’s 2013 follow-up book. From potential plot points to story arcs, here’s a look at what Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns could offer.

Set a decade after the events of the first book, Andrea is now a 30-year-old successful editor at a bridal magazine she co-founded with her former nemesis and new best friend, Emily Charlton.

On the brink of marriage, starting a family, and at the height of her career, Andrea still finds herself haunted by memories of her former boss at Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly. Despite her best efforts to avoid any encounters, fate intervenes, leading to a renewed and complex relationship between them.

As Runway’s publishing company shows interest in acquiring Andrea’s magazine, The Plunge, a role reversal unfolds. Miranda shifts her approach by courting Andrea and Emily, urging them to sell.

Plot specifics for the movie sequel are tightly held, but early reports hint that the focus will be on Miranda navigating her career amidst the declining traditional print publishing industry. Deviating from the novel, it seems Emily will be portrayed as a high-powered executive for a luxury group, with Miranda seeking advertising revenue from her. Thus, while the film may incorporate elements from Revenge Wears Prada, it’s expected to venture into new narrative directions.

Regardless, anticipation is running high, and fans hope the production process will be swift.

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