The director of Dune supports Scarlett Johansson in her demand to Disney: I will also require by contract that my films be released in theaters first

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The director of the upcoming film adaptation of Dune, Denis Villeneuve, has shown his support for actress Scarlett Johansson’s decision to sue Disney for breach of contract at the premiere of Black Widow.

The filmmaker has conducted an interview with the medium Press, where has shown his public support for the actress and has talked about the current state of cinema, stating that “the industry is in uncharted territory right now“. Denis Villeneuve has also been the eye of controversy this week for stating that releasing Dune outside theaters would be like” driving a speedboat in your bathtub “, given the possibility that his film also has a hybrid release.

What if the opposite happens and we do not fulfill the contracts that we sign on our part? What’s more, it is a mistake to believe that cinema on the big screen is not going well. But this industry is on a roller coaster ride, clashing with Wall Street’s desire for stability.“says Villeneuve.”And these platform subscriptions provide studios with a fixed income. I have nothing against platforms, quite the opposite. They are an extraordinary tool to give us access to the memory of cinema. But a movie’s career must begin on the big screen first. From now on, I will also contractually require my films to be released in theaters first.

Here we explain all the details about Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit to Disney for the premiere of Black Widow. In the actress’s contract, supposedly, it was stipulated that the film would only be released in theaters, guaranteeing a cash bonus for its performance at the box office. However, the Marvel movie starred in a hybrid theatrical and Disney + release via Premium Access.

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Dune will be released in theaters on September 17 in Spain, and at MRT we’re offering some exclusive pieces: meet members of the Fremen family and House Atreides before the film hits the big screen.

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