The Disney Gallery series will show how one of the biggest surprises of Season 2 of The Mandalorian was made

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Lucasfilm will premiere a special episode of Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian that will show us all the secrets and curiosities about one of the biggest surprises at the end of the second season of the series.

Warning: Spoilers for The Mandalorian, Season 2

A special episode of Disney Gallery will premiere on August 25, showing fans of The Mandalorian. how the creators of the series decided to bring back Luke Skywalker for the season finale. This includes a look at the technology that was used to recreate Luke Skywalker, as well as how Mark Hamill worked with The Mandalorian team to prepare for his epic return.

For those who do not know it, Disney Gallery is a series eight-episode documentary showing how the Star Wars series unfolded, in addition to showing a good number of curiosities and testimonies.

As for the return of Luke Skywalker: hard to believe (or not), Mark Hamill brought the character to life, was digitally “de-aged” and reprized his role in Chapter 16: The Rescue. Disney could have used any actor, but decided to honor both the actor and the character.

The constant question throughout the season was: Who will end up taking Grogu to train him in the Force? Everything indicated that it would be Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. However, we had to wait until the end of the season to see Luke Skywalker appear through the elevator in a scene as epic as it was emotional.

As The Mandalorian prepares for a third season, ehe Star Wars universe on Disney Plus continues to grow. We remind you that the series is currently being broadcast Bad Remittance and that Disney Plus has yet to release The Book of Boba Fett, the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, Star Wars: Visions and a solo series for Ahsoka.

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By last, The Mandalorian has recently been nominated for 24 Emmy Awards, including the award for best drama series.

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