The ‘doctor’ Sánchez is excluded from a rule for Congress to evaluate the curriculum of the positions

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Pedro Sanchez shielded himself from accountability over his resume and the scandal of his tesis ‘fake’. This, despite the fact that it is common for the socialist president to boast of the “transparency” of his government.

Now, the Socialist Party proposes that senior officials appear in the Congress of Deputies to report on their academic and professional career, so that the «Convenience of people that they are going to be designated for the position ». The norm – which is included among the political objectives of the Socialists for the coming years – nevertheless warns that members of the Government would be exempt from these hearings. They would thus affect secretaries of state, undersecretaries, general secretaries, general directors or government delegates, among others.

“The objective of this reform is to enhance the transparency of government decisions, as well as to improve their accountability. As far as possible, the hearings would be held before the effective appointment of the senior position, ”explains Pedro Sánchez’s party.

The resume of the chief executive has been the subject of numerous controversies. OKDIARIO uncovered some of his falsehoods. For example, Sánchez boasted of a position as director of International Relations in the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). However, as they assured from this association, the socialist was simply a European affairs technician, a position dependent on the Department of Institutional Relations.

Sánchez carried out that job for just a few months, upon his return to Spain after a tour as an advisor in Brussels and at the United Nations. This newspaper revealed how the socialist leader also inflated those credentials: although in many of his biographies he claimed to have served as “chief of staff” of the United Nations High Representative in Bosnia during the Kosovo War, Sánchez was, in reality, a “member »More of the team, as explained by the commissioner himself, Carlos Westendorp, in conversation with OKDIARIO.

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Likewise, the socialist boasted a “master’s degree” in Public Leadership from the prestigious private institute IESE, which was not such but a postgraduate program with the title: ‘Leadership Program for Public Management’.

Sánchez also clarified another of the information on his resume from La Moncloa, where he avoided revealing that he obtained his degree in Economic and Business Sciences at the Real Colegio Universitario María Cristina, a center attached to the Complutense University of Madrid which, as OKDIARIO also revealed, It is privately owned and linked to the Augustinian religious order, something that squeaks with its defense of public schools.

And to this is added the Tesisgate, the scandal for the plagiarism of his doctoral thesis, which this newspaper revealed in September 2018.

The first information on the matter- “A ‘black’ from the Ministry of Industry elaborated most of Pedro Sánchez’s thesis”already reproduced pages of the then hidden thesis of Pedro Sánchez that showed that the work was not unpublished.

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