The documentary Power On: the Story of Xbox is now available for free

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Xbox has released the full documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox, a review of the history of the division through 6 chapters of 40 minutes. The series takes the full spectrum of its trajectory, from the conception of the first console to the search for identity during the Xbox One era.

In fact, the company focuses on some of the key moments from the title of the episodes. The fifth episode refers to the “Red ring of death”, one of the best known manufacturing problems of the first Xbox 360 models. The sixth and final episode, instead, is titled “TV or not TV”, which points to the reveal of Xbox One seeking to take the console to other media .

“The project began almost three years ago with a simple question: is there a compelling story behind the Xbox story,” it read. Tina Summerford, head of programming on Xbox, during the brand’s 20th anniversary celebration. “The answer was yes, absolutely. So we partnered with an Emmy Award-winning documentary crew to dig deeper and help bring the story to life. “

Summerford herself pointed out that in essence it is “a story about how Xbox began as a passionate project of a small group of players within Microsoft and it grew to become the source of fun for Xbox gamers around the world. “

All six episodes are now available for free through the official Xbox channel in Youtube. We leave you with them below.

All episodes of Power On: The Story of Xbox

Episodio 1: The Renegades

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“A small team of beginners set out to convince Microsoft that it’s time to get into the console business.”

Episodio 2: The Valntine’s Day Massacre

“The battle to take over the room has begun, but not without significant cost and risk.

Episodio 3: And it didn’t Turn On

“Public doubts are intensifying as troubles threaten to spoil the Xbox’s launch in 2001.”

Episodio 4: Cool, Now What?

“A console is only that good for its games, and Xbox needs a key figure to survive. Enter Halo ”.

Episodio 5: The Red Ring of Death

“Demand for Xbox 360 is at a fever pitch, but a critical failure threatens its success.”

Episodio 6: TV or Not TV

“Xbox loses its way. Can a former intern get the team back on track?

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