The drug trafficker ‘Alpo’ Martínez, whose criminal exploits were immortalized in songs of hip-hop and a movie, is murdered in New York

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Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martínez, a renowned New York City drug trafficker who spent decades in prison for murder and was in witness protection for testifying against his associates, was shot to death last Sunday while in his truck, according to police sources.

The kingpin, whose criminal exploits had been immortalized in hip-hop songs and in the movie ‘Paid in Full’ (2002), was hit by five shots on his chest, chin, and arm as he sat in the driver’s seat of a Dodge Ram in Harlem, a drug-dealing neighborhood in the mid-1980s.

A high-ranking police source declared to the New York Post that Martinez was in the witness protection program, because he testified against other drug traffickers. “You would make a lot of enemies who have pending accounts”the source said. It also estimated that the famous criminal would be “in danger as soon as he returned to his old place of residence.”

“It seems quite intentional when someone is shot five times,” the police source said, stating that no arrests were made immediately.

‘Alpo’ expanded his empire to Washington, where in 1991 he was arrested and later charged with 14 counts of murder. He was released in 2015 while serving a 35-year sentence at ADX Florence, a federal maximum security prison in Colorado.

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