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The Duchess of Sussex supports gun law reform in the United States

Meghan Markle

Since leaving her role in the British monarchy to move across the Atlantic, the Duchess of Sussex has been indirectly involved in U.S. political life, something she was forbidden to do in her host country while playing an institutional role, to support various causes.

One of the most important for her is the reform of the gun law and she recently offered her support to the organization Moms Demand Action, which campaigns for that change in the regulation of the purchase and sale of pistols and rifles of any caliber, sending to its office’s coffees, muffins, cookies, donuts, and other snacks. Meghan also included a handwritten message praising her efforts to “keep our children, families, and communities safe.”

The use of weapons was precisely one of the first obstacles he encountered in his process of integration into the British royal family, which has always been very fond of hunting and, especially, that the fox. Unlike her sister-in-law Catalina, who is said to have adopted this practice, the former actress never signed up for hunting days because she is also a great defender of animal rights.

This sport divides the European royal houses between those who still defend it and those who have left it aside to avoid controversy or out of genuine conviction. A few days ago, for example, it came to light that Princess Amalia of the Netherlands had applied for and obtained her license to hunt within a few months of reaching the legal age of majority: 18 years. That news caused quite a stir in the country of which she is heir to the throne since much of society opposes hunting as a recreational practice.

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