The Elder Scrolls VI “is still in the design phase,” according to Bethesda

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Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI may have been announced at the same time, but both projects are at a different point in their development. It is not the first time that Bethesda has pointed out that the new installment of its role-playing game still has a long time left before it goes on sale. In an interview with The Telegraph, Todd Howard himself, one of the top managers of the project, has pointed in that direction again. According to his words, the game is still in the design phase.

“It’s good to think that The Elder Scrolls VI is still in [fase de diseño], but we are studying the technology”, He explains in the interview. Howard says they are reflecting on whether the graphics engine is ready to do what they want with the title or not. “Every game has new tech elements, so Elder Scrolls VI will need some additions in Creation Engine 2.”

The Bethesda creative has also added that the Creation Engine 2, which will be the biggest technological leap since Oblivion, has been built with both products in mind. “It is like a new technological base. Most of our development work is now focused on Starfield, but everyone works on everything, so the projects are intertwined. “

Starfield already has a release date

Bethesda’s new intellectual property continues to take shape. During the Xbox conference at E3 2021, the North American company showed the first official Starfield trailer. This science fiction game will take us to an unprecedented open world, although we will still have to wait to embark on this space journey. It will be from November 11, 2022 When Bethesda calls us to adventure

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Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda has already crystallized, which means that not all future projects will be marketed on all platforms. Starfield, for example, will not be released on PS5, but will be an exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass y PC).

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