The Elder Scrolls VI will be like Starfield, exclusive to Xbox and PC

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The exclusivity of Bethesda games was on the table from the moment the purchase agreement was announced by Microsoft. Starfield, the new intellectual property of the studio, will be launched as an exclusive to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, although it will also be released on PC, in the vein of all the products first party from Xbox. In an interview with GQ, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, stated that The Elder Scrolls VI will follow a similar path.

Spencer has pointed out that the philosophy is the same as with Starfield. Xbox Live, Game Pass, Cloud, friend lists … the game will be nourished by the entire ecosystem built around the platform.

“This is not about punishing any other platform, because I fundamentally believe that all systems can continue to grow,” he commented. “But to be on Xbox, I want to be able to offer the complete package of what we have. And this is the same when I think about The Elder Scrolls VI or any of our series.

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The Elder Scrolls VI, still a long way off

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has confirmed in the same interview that The Elder Scrolls VI is still in the design phase. Starfield technology will provide the advancements necessary for the next installment after Skyrim to take us into this epic fantasy world. “Technology changes, but in the end the goal remains that when you start the game feel that it has transported you”He argues.

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The Elder Scrolls VI was announced at the same time as Starfield, at E3 2018. However, Bethesda Game Studios has focused on developing its space video game, the number one priority. It is not for less, given that the project is already in its final year of development, since it will be commercialized the next November 11, 2022. Thus, The Elder Scrolls VI will be next, but we will still have to wait.

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