“The Enduring Love of Maribel Verdú for Mexico: An Unwavering Bond”

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Maribel Verdú shines as Barry Allen’s mother in the “Flash” movie

Maribel Verdú in The Flash

Maribel Verdú has a very important role in the new ‘The Flash’ movie, in which she plays Nora Allen, the mother of the superhero and leads the emotional column of the film, in which he shares posters with Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and Ezra Miller. Yes, they are all part of the Muschietti brothers’ film.

Any other artist would be hallucinating with the experience and excited with what it could represent for her career, but not Verdú. After all, she is one of the most in-demand and beloved actresses in Spanish-speaking cinema and television worldwide.

In fact, what convinced her to accept the role of her were the words of director Andy Muschietti. “I need your eyes in my movie,” the Argentine told him. “Who can deny that?” Verdú asked in an interview with Vida y Estilo, in which he not only talked about how he built the very Latin mother of ‘The Flash’, but rather demonstrated his love for Mexico, his passion for spices and detailed his upcoming projects, most of which are very Mexican.

The Latino heart of The Flash

Maribel Verdú, Andy Muschietti, and Barbara Muschietti

For the artist, the decision to not only make her Latina but also speak Spanish in the tape “brings humanity and closeness to him”. I mean, we touch, it’s something that you see there in the film and that only Latinos can understand and nothing else.

When I suddenly worked with people from outside and I’m like hello, how about And do they do like this and I say oops and no, this, this is not right, it’s better to come and say hello, how about doing like this? Or at most the hand. And that is something that I think is noticeable and that is what gives her that wonderful point and that unique relationship between mother and son,” added Verdú.

Maribel Verdú, a very Latina Spaniard

In her role as Nora Allen, Verdú sings and speaks in Spanish. Her goal was for it to represent all Latina moms on both sides of the Atlantic. “I noticed that she is a Latina woman and that she has lived there (in the United States) for years and that she can speak English fluently,” she explained.

In fact, it was essential for her that her Nora Allen spoke her language. “I was also clear about that, it’s that the moment you suddenly get angry or can’t find something, you’re nervous. I had to come out in Spanish because that’s where your mother tongue comes out if you’re an immigrant.”

In ‘The Flash’, Verdú is not the only Latina. American-Colombian artist Sasha Calle plays the important role of Supergirl. “The tape has our essence,” said Bárbara Muschietti. “Every big decision is made by Argentines, the female stars are Latina. It’s our heart.”

Then her romance with Mexico was also born

Maribel Verdú with Alfonso Cuaron, Diego Luna, and Gael Garcia Bernal

Then came ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ with Guillermo del Toro and followed a spate of projects where she has not only been successful but has made friends who want to work with her again and again. One of them is Manuel Cardona, the Colombian actor who chose her to star in ‘A Day to Die’, his first film as a director, which was filmed in Mexico.

“My Mexico is the country where I have the most friends, apart from mine obviously, and from Argentina. That is, they are like my three countries, one of birth and the other two of adoption. So I go to them and I feel at home, I don’t miss anything,” he said.

“Mexico has given it to me everything,” he added, beginning with constant work. Five of her last six projects were done there. “The projects are always a perfect excuse. It already has to be the terrifying script to separate me from Mexico, so as not to accept it because I am happy going to my beautiful Mexico,” he added with a luminous smile that was seasoned with anecdotes of enchiladas, trips, and experiences that confirm the deep relationship that unites her with the country.

The future of Maribel Verdú

The artist has traveled the world presenting ‘The Flash’. His most recent appearance was in Los Angeles, where he showed his complicity with the complicated actor Ezra Miller, with whom he shares the screen with powerful scenes.

Verdú came to his commitments with ‘The Flash’ after finishing filming the series “Family” under the direction of Rodrigo García, part of the Netflix initiative ‘Qué México se vea’. Before she had filmed ‘Invitation to a murder’, sharing billboards with Cardona and Stephanie Cayo. Both projects filmed in Mexico, where until now she has not had to say no.

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