“The Enigmatic Anointing: The Unseen Moment of Coronation Revealed”

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The Coronation of Carlos III: The Most Sacred Ceremony

Many eyes are on Carlos III today, as the new King of the United Kingdom is crowned in a traditional ceremony dating back to the 14th century. However, despite the worldwide broadcast of the event, there is one part of the ceremony that remains unseen by the public: the anointing of the new king.

This is considered one of the most important and intimate moments of the coronation, representing a sacred bond between God and the King. The anointing has been produced while Carlos III was sitting on the throne, covered by a specially designed canopy that ensures the privacy of the ritual.

The Dean of Westminster, David Hoyle, will pour consecrated oil into a gold spoon, which the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will use to anoint Carlos’s hands, head, and chest at the level of the heart. The oil that has invested the new king is based on the one used by Elizabeth II but with a formula adapted to the new times, much more “sustainable and vegan.”

The oil used in the Coronation of Carlos III has been created using olives harvested from two groves on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem. The resulting olive oil, pressed on the outskirts of Bethlehem, has been scented with essential oils such as sesame, rose, jasmine, cinnamon, neroli, benzoin, amber, sesame, and orange blossom, making it a vegan and sustainable oil.

This sacred oil was declared holy in Jerusalem on March 3rd, in a ceremony which took place in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The oil was consecrated by the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, Theophilus III, and the Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem, Hosam Naoum. The same oil will also be used for the anointing of his Majesty the queen consort, Camila.

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The Coronation of Carlos III is a historic moment, and the anointing ceremony is one that hasn’t been visible in decades. The canopy designed for the anointing has been made by combining sustainable and traditional embroidery practices, making it a fitting symbol for the new sustainable and vegan oil used in the ceremony. It marks a new era of tradition, adapted to the changing times, and a commitment to animal welfare and sustainability.

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