The Enigmatic Journey of a Mother of Three: Unveiling a Mysterious Life

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María José Campanario Celebrates 44th Birthday

María José Campanario, the wife of Jesulín de Ubrique, is celebrating her 44th birthday on Sunday, May 28. At her age, the dentist is going through her best moment together with the bullfighter, with whom she has formed a beautiful family of three children: Julia (20), Jesús Alejandro (16), and Hugo.

The couple welcomed Hugo on June 7, 2022, and he has brought even more happiness into their lives. A mother for the third time, about to celebrate twenty-one years married to Jesulín; and having overcome all the obstacles that have come her way, María José Campanario enjoys this new maternity away from the media spotlight.

María José Campanario’s Maternity in Discretion

Since María José Campanario gave birth last year, the day-to-day life of the couple has changed completely, and they have remained very discreet. The dentist has not been seen in public since two months after giving birth, where she posed exclusively with Jesulín de Ubrique for HELLO! magazine, celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

María José Campanario carries out her maternity in the most absolute discretion, and the little that is known is from Jesulín de Ubrique who has granted the occasional interview.

María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique’s Life Since Parenthood

The couple’s life has changed significantly since the birth of Hugo a year ago. María José has put her dental job on hold and focused all her energy on her little one, bringing a breath of fresh air to her life, especially considering the health problems she faced due to fibromyalgia.

Despite her pain, Jesulín de Ubrique revealed a few days ago that María José had learned to “live with them” and that she was currently on “low” work.

María José Campanario’s Life according to Jesulín De Ubrique

Ubrique described his wife as simple, normal, and hard-working in a conversation with Bertín Osborne for the program “My house is yours.” Despite having different ways of thinking, they always reach a balance.

With the unconditional support of her husband, María José Campanario has the perfect life she always wanted, and the couple is very happy with the life they lead. They try by all means to stay away from the spotlight, taking special care of the privacy of their three children, especially that of the youngest.

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