The entrepreneurs typically spend 6 seconds looking at each resume. How to get a job in IT at such a speed?

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Social media has a direct impact on your job success. Recruiters quickly read your profiles and jump to conclusions, forever sending your candidacy to the scrap. Unethical? Yes. But that’s the reality.

Today we will tell you about how social networks can have a positive impact on your job search and why you should invest in promotions and even buy followers on Twitter and Facebook to land your dream job.

70% of recruiters use social media to find employees, and 79% of job seekers find jobs on social media. The coolest vacancies can only be found through a personal acquaintance with one of the employees.

The main social networks for employers interested in finding new employees are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

LinkedIn = your professionalism

Twitter = your awareness of professional trends

Facebook and Instagram = your interests outside of work

58% of recruiters want to find proof of professional qualities in your social networks, and 34% seek to find out what others say about candidates.

Twitter  — unexpected?

In global IT, this is the best networking tool. No wonder Elon Musk decided to buy it. We can congratulate him on a successful deal.

All technology industry leaders stay in touch with their audience on Twitter. Often there are the most high-profile transactions and the best ideas are born.

Twitter is the best technology platform and it’s very easy to be a part of it. Here you can show your awareness of professional trends.

On Twitter, your opinion is based on:

companies, brands, hashtags and people you follow;

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your tweets, retweets and replies that are related to the position you want to take;

tweets about your personal life (this is the best way to evaluate your soft skills).

Be active! In the search engine, look for relevant topics and write in private messages, declare yourself. If it is difficult for you to promote your account at the first stage, then you can buy Twitter followers a couple of times so as not to waste too much time. This is an effective way to increase the audience at the beginning of a career.

LinkedIn — it’s obvious

LinkedIn should be your priority as it is the most relevant in terms of professional qualities.

Key Tips:

  • the profile must be open;
  • the main photo is professional, with a light background, in a restrained style, the face is clearly visible;
  • the profile header says what makes you different from hundreds of other developers;
  • in contacts there are recruiters and companies of interest to you.

Don’t forget about the keywords that recruiters use. The data in your profile should not contradict the data in your resume.

To show professionalism, write posts and articles on your specialization, and share links to your speeches at events and interviews with your participation.

And most importantly, ask colleagues (and former ones too) to write reviews about you. Exceptionally good.


This is an opportunity to show your interests outside of work.

To succeed:

  • make posts on professional topics;
  • comment on the posts of your colleagues;
  • remove the content that may raise questions and doubts;
  • do not hide the information by which you can be found, namely your education, current place of work and location;
  • find groups based on your professional interests and make yourself known.
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Would you manage your social networks differently if you knew that your work in IT depends on them?

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