The enviable celebration of Father’s Day by James Rodríguez and Salomé

The enviable celebration of Father's Day by James Rodríguez and Salomé

The father and his daughter have been together for several days after living several months away from each other.

Since the end of May, James Rodríguez and Salomé Rodríguez Ospina have shared several very tender and familiar days.

And the two had to live away from each other for a long period while the soccer star fulfilled his responsibilities in the British league as a player for Everton FC. But now that he was not called up to play for the Colombian national team, he had a vacation to reunite with his daughter.

First, they had a warm trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate Salomé’s birthday and then James traveled to Miami to have a couple of extra days with the little girl. They even celebrated the christening of their second son, Samuel.

But yesterday, it was the celebration of Father’s Day and the two touched their millions of fans as they enjoyed a dance session inside their private plane.

Click on the video above to watch them.

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