The Epic Return of Your Favorite Characters in Manifesto Season 4 Part 2 on Netflix

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Manifesto Comes to an End with Surprising Returns

After four seasons, the hit television series “Manifesto” aired its final episode. The show, which follows the journey of the passengers of flight 828, finally revealed the mystery behind their unexplained return years after their departure. Which characters returned for the finale? Warning, spoilers ahead!

Adrian – Jared Grimes

Adrian, played by Jared Grimes, returns in an unexpected role as a religious leader for some of the returning passengers. He convinces Eagan to leave Angelina behind and delay her arrival at the plane.

Alex – Sydney Morton

Alex (Sydney Morton) reunites with her ex-boyfriend Saanvi, who regretted not boarding the flight with her. Their chance encounter leaves them both feeling quite emotional.

Amuta – Leajato Robinson

The co-pilot of Flight 828, Amuta (Leajato Robinson), was seen with Captain Daly at the end of the last episode.

Astrid – Arianna Esquerre

At the end of the series, Astrid (Arianna Esquerre) is still struggling with panic attacks as she tries to board the flight.

Autumn Cox – Shirley Rumierk

Autumn Cox (Shirley Rumierk) becomes a devoted follower of Angelina, but struggles with the realization that their leader cannot prevent divine retribution.

Bethany Collins – Mugga

Flight 828 stewardess Bethany Collins (Mugga) returns to her old job, trying to maintain control amongst the chaos.

Finn – Rafi Silver

Finn (Rafi Plata) returns to his family alive, shocking those who thought he had died due to his organ donation.

Harvey – Richard Topol

Harvey (Richard Topol) reappears after having previously believed himself to be the angel of death. He offers assistance to Henry, his fellow traveler.

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Henry – Clem Cheung

Henry (Clem Cheung), who has struggled with fear throughout the series, finally accepts help from Harvey in the final episode.

Joe – Bru Ajueyitsi

Joe (Bru Ajueyitsi) reunites with his son Charlie, having been separated for some time, in a touching scene.

Karen – Geraldine Leer

Karen (Geraldine Leer) shocks viewers by returning alive and well after having been believed to be lost on the flight. She is reunited with her children at the airport.

In conclusion, “Manifesto” provided viewers with a thrilling and emotional journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. The returning characters in the final episode added a sense of closure and finality to the series, leaving fans satisfied.

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