The error of La Casa de Papel and its crossover with another Spanish series on Netflix that nobody noticed

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The popularity it achieved The Money Heist laid the groundwork for Spanish series that came next were in the sights of the spectators. Thanks to its success, all the productions that premiered after their explosion in Netflix, they gained more attention globally. Among the original fictions of the platform, one of which stood out was the comedy created by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo: Paquita Salas.

The Spanish scriptwriters and directors stand out for having several projects together that obtained a great reception in each of their releases. The call, which started as a play and then he had his film version at the streaming giant, it’s one of them. In addition, they are the creators of Poison, the biography of Cristina Ortiz which in Latin America is available in HBO Max. But with Paquita Salas the fury was such that they continued preparing new seasons with Brays Efe to the head.

Paquita is a woman who managed to consecrate herself as one of the best artist representatives from Spain during the 90s. But times have changed and his prestige is no longer the same: after losing his main client, he despairs to find new stars and be part of luxury events and awards. Not alone: her assistant and friend Magüi accompanies her on the way and in the search for “an actress 360”.

Magüi is probably one of the most beloved characters in the series. In social networks, many users insist on seeing a spin-off and know a little more about this secretary. One of his best moments throughout the three seasons was at a party where he met the most important celebrities of today. One of them was nothing less than Úrsula Corberó.

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In the scene, Magüi and the protagonist of The Money Heist they talk about the success of the Netflix series. Corberó even tells how Tokyo lives inside her And that has changed your relationship with your representative. But one detail of this scene can change everything now that the gang of robbers accumulates five seasons. And it is that the actress who plays the secretary of Paquita Salas it is Bethlehem Cuesta, who today puts himself in the shoes of Manila and is one of the followers of The Professor.

Úrsula and Belén have shared a lot of scenes on set. In fact, in the episodes of the first part released in September, the final sequence in the kitchen next to Denver (Jaime Lorente) has them as protagonists. The question is: Will Magüi refer to her participation in The Money Heist in an upcoming season of Paquita Salas? Will they pretend that nothing has happened? It will be a matter of time to know the answer.

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