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the Eternals Ikaris and Kingo taunt the Avengers

Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t wait for the premiere of the movie directed by Chloe Zhao, Eternals. This new entry in the MCU will show the arrival of the most powerful heroes of the brand who will face a terrible threat for which they may not be prepared: The Deviants! Luckily this new team is made up of some of the most capable characters of Marvel.

The Eternals were hidden on Earth for 7000 years and now they will emerge in front of the watchful eyes of the human race that was recently struck by the snap of Thanos. Now a new fight between powerful beings will define the destiny of the planet. In that context, there is time for humor. The new group of heroes of the MCU does not miss an opportunity to remember the Avengers.

The Eternals are coming to the MCU!

First is Kingo who highlights that the most powerful heroes on Earth have among their ranks characters such as Spider-Man and Thor. Then, Ikaris answer back “We have a Thena!”. A clear allusion to the line “We have a Hulk!” what did he say Tony Stark a Loki in the first installment of the Avengers. In this way we can see the character played by Angelina Jolie showing his skill in combat.

Ikaris he also took an opportunity to imitate himself Captain America. A lack of respect for Steve Rogers? The truth is that the Eternal pronounces the words “¡Eternals, assemble!” and receives a slightly sarcastic response from Kingo: “Great line!”. The Marvel Cinematic Universe it is gigantic. But is it big enough to hold the Eternals and the Avengers?

The question we ask ourselves is whether these groups of heroes will ever face off on the big screen. Maybe they can fight together, like the Guardians of the Galaxy with the Avengers when Thanos invaded Earth. More questions: Why areEternalsdidn’t they face the Mad Titan? The movie of Chloe Zhao maybe answer that question.

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