The EU confirms that YouTube is not always responsible for copyright infringements

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Copyright is one of the reasons why a YouTube channel can receive a notice or can even be a reason for its closure. This is possible if the user relapses, but you always have to see the positive side and avoid these mistakes. However, many content creators hhave been denounced to YouTube for the infractions of these channels, to which the European Union has ruled the opposite.

YouTube is usually not to blame for copyright infringements

There are many services on the Internet that are capable of hosting videos of any user. Everyone has their own style, but you must always avoid anything related to the misappropriation of multimedia content. And this not only affects taking videos of others without permission, but also the use of songs by certain authors who in the end end up suing the platform.

And this is what happened so far with YouTube, which received a large part of the complaints from content creators for copyright, although in the European Union it seems that they support the Google division. The Justice Court has decreed in one of its last interventions that video platforms “do not by themselves communicate to the public the contents protected by copyright illegally placed by their users, except that, beyond the mere making available to platforms contribute to providing the public access to such content. “

In other words: YouTube, as well as the rest of the platforms, is not responsible for copyright rights within the platform. But this is up to a point. The reason is that if users violate the content rules, which exist and are applied, the company has a duty to act against these users quickly and effectively.

Its work is of surveillance, information and execution if we understand it as verifying that the videos do not contain any type of infringement and if not, notify the author of the material and inform what he has to do with the video, whether to delete it or silence the parts. in which they violate these rights. In case of not acting with diligence, it will be the video application itself that will bear the consequences of the infringement despite the measures taken in its copyright regulations.


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