The evolution of financial institutions: more open, digitized and sustainable spaces

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The malls created to welcome people in order to give them the best care and experience have evolved in recent years for various reasons. But, without a doubt, one of the strongest has been the permanent digitization of all services, as well as accessibility from any mobile device and the birth of a new consumer.

All sectors have been transformed due to the digitization phenomenon, none have been impervious to new consumer trends and customer service. We do not even usually go to bank offices to access the basic servicesFor this reason, banks have walked hand in hand with their clients and have opted for more open, more digitized and more sustainable branches. Definitely, more experiential spaces.

Espacio Serrano 45: sustainability, digitization and transparency

Following this trend, Abanca has opened Espacio Serrano 45, a super store of 630 square meters located in a building characteristic of the fabric of the Salamanca district –built between 1972 and 1980–. It is an evolution of Abanca’s new business model, a trend that they have been implementing since 2015 throughout the peninsula, both in Spain and Portugal, as well as in the bank’s international network offices such as Miami or Geneva.

This evolution towards a more open, digital and sustainable model it is achieved by translating spatial and architectural values ​​into spaces created for customer service. Therefore, it has been opened 80 meters of showcase that let the interior of the office flow, becoming part of the urban landscape.

Space Estate It is the commercial space, the differential of this new model. Specifically, it occupies 170 m² of the office presided over by a large ficus and more vegetation that help to connect clients and employees with nature and with the values ​​of Abanca Feel Planet. This central space full of nature will be an obligatory step for the transit to the more traditional commercial service areas or for a differential commercial relationship.

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Advanced digital resources

The center of the new Serrano Area 45 It has advanced digital and technological resources that favor the mobility of people, as well as effective and collaborative communication throughout the space and a permanent connection through mobile devices.

One of the most innovative elements of the technological endowment is the installation of large LED screen murals (video-wall) that will be used to support brand content, commercial presentations and events, with the aim of facilitate interaction with customers and more attractive communication.

Multiple trading options

Thanks to flexible furniture and the right technology, this space is transformed to host multiple commercial options, from casual and sporadic meetings around a coffee, to an event to present products or services, expanding the possibilities of commercial relationships and adapting to each client.

The proposal of Look & feel of the office is completed with the Collection of works of art by Afundación, which will be present through reproductions in the rooms and spaces and through a video art installation, in which pieces by different artists will be shown, virtually and remotely

The space contains workstations for 22 commercial managers, 5 meeting rooms and other open meeting spaces that, together with the Roots space, with capacity for 90 people, allows a differential commercial relationship.

The commercial teams They have the most advanced technological equipment that allows them to provide commercial attention or the development of their management tasks in any location of the bank and therefore, at any point in the new commercial space.

Commitment to sustainability

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Proof of commitment to ABANCA with sustainability, this commercial space is postulated to obtain the LEED ID + C Commercial Interiors sustainability seal. Given that the scope of the intervention has been category GOLD, the process will culminate at the beginning of next year 2022 and for this the space has a control system which controls, supervises and manages all the technical installations (air conditioning, lighting, ventilation and energy consumption…) of the center to optimize its operation and use.

This system also allows take advantage of the daylight to reduce the need for the use of artificial light, improve thermal comfort while taking maximum care of consumption, raise air quality and keep detailed control over energy consumption in general.

The space of Abanca in Serrano 45 is also applying to be certified in Zero Waste from AENOR, a seal that the Abanca offices in A Coruña and Madrid already have. With the inauguration, the implementation phase of this certification closes and, after six months, the process is closed with the definitive certification.

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