The Exorcist will terrify us again with a new film trilogy

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The first information came to light last December, at which time it was published that the American director David Gordon Green was working on a film in the saga The Exorcist. However, at that time it was not officially confirmed whether the head of the new Halloween installments was involved in this project. Now, The New York Times publishes that Universal Studios has reached an agreement to develop a new trilogy, which will feature the aforementioned director.

In the absence of an official confirmation, the New York newspaper has reported that the study will pay $ 400 million (more than 338 million euros) to be able to develop the new trilogy and broadcast it in theaters and on Peacock, the company’s streaming platform. Morgan Creek Entertainment has retained the rights to The Exorcist series and is working with Green and Blumhouse’s Jason Blum on upcoming films. According to this information, David Gordon Green has not only been selected to direct, but is also the main screenwriter for these new products.

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A sequel to The Exorcist

The trilogy will function as a direct sequel to The Exorcist, by William Friedkin, something that Green himself has already confirmed in interviews. Regarding the cast, Ellen Burstyn to return as Chris MacNeilWhile Leslie Odom Jr. will play “the father of a possessed child” who seeks out Burstyn’s character to help him with his problem. The New York Times notes that the first film of the trilogy is expected to be released in theaters in late 2023. Due to the terms of the agreement, the second and third films of this trilogy will be able to debut first in Peacock, always on the line. of the sources that the newspaper handles.

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Green finished the script for the first movie during the pandemic, as explained by the director in statements to Total Film magazine. It is a matter of time, therefore, for Universal Studios to announce the project officially.

Source | The New York Times (via IndieWire)


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